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Plain Talk With Rob Port

Jul 19, 2019

North Dakotans came in almost last in the nation in a Harvard Study when it comes to optimism about economic mobility (the ability of people to become wealthier over their lifetimes). But, the study also shows that North Dakota was first in the nation when it comes to economic mobility.

Why the disconnect between...

Jul 18, 2019

"I'm surprised President Trump cares so much about these congresswomen," Senator Kevin Cramer said on this episode of Plain Talk, referring to the President's feud with "the squad."

Cramer also takes listener questions.

This episode brought to you by Americans for Prosperity of North Dakota and

Jul 16, 2019

"We could be looking at upward of 175 to 179 thousand who have this issue," Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said of new, streamlined process that will allow those with minor marijuana-related convictions to apply for pardons.

Also, the Legislature will allow local governments to double their traffic fines. Is that...

Jul 15, 2019

Audio from the Jay Thomas Show, 07-15-19, talking about President Trump's recent comments about a group of female Democratic congresswomen among other topics.

Jul 12, 2019

President Donald Trump said media speech he doesn't agree with is not free speech because it's dangerous. But isn't the President of the United States saying something like that what's really dangerous?

Also, Congressman Kelly Armstrong takes listener questions.

This episode of Plain Talk is brought to you by Americans...