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Plain Talk With Rob Port

Feb 28, 2020

Much of the political and news media response to the coronavirus outbreak is "distasteful cheerleading for a health disaster."

That's what Senator Kevin Cramer said on this episode of Plain Talk.

Condemning a recent New York Times piece referring to coronavirus as "Trump's virus," Cramer said, "I don't there's...

Feb 26, 2020

Rep. Steve Vetter is a Republican from District 18 in Grand Forks. He was one of the Republican candidates elected in blue districts in North Dakota during the Trump wave of 2016.

On this episode of Plain Talk, Vetter talks about how he won in a traditionally blue district, what he's done since winning, and how he'll...

Feb 25, 2020

North Dakota Superintendent Kirsten Baesler, a Republican, is seeking re-election to a third term. In this episode, she talks about what she's accomplished, and what she'd still like to accomplish.

This episode is brought to you by Americans for Prosperity of North Dakota.

Feb 24, 2020

"We need to make sure that coal is treated fairly," Senator John Hoeven says on this episode of Plain Talk.

He talks about the struggles the North Dakota coal industry is facing, and what policies can be put in place to make the energy markets fairer.

This episode of Plain Talk is brought to you by Americans for...

Feb 24, 2020

Rob and Jay talk about the upcoming deadline to get your Real ID.